What we explored.

The push for consumer privacy will change the advertising ecosystem. As the industry grapples with what this future world will look like, there’s one common question: How can we target users, measure campaign success and understand our audiences without identifiers?

To find out, we commissioned Forrester to uncover trends around identity in advertising today and how the industry can rebuild itself for tomorrow. We surveyed 100 advertisers and 100 publishers about their current data strategies and challenges. To share the results, we hosted a virtual discussion on how advertisers and publishers can turn the identity challenge into an opportunity via direct relationships and innovative solutions.

We were joined by a guest speaker Tina Moffett, Senior Analyst, serving B2C marketing professionals, at Forrester, who shared her views on what’s happening in the market today and chair a panel discussion to help attendees plan for a new privacy-centric ecosystem.

By watching this on-demand session you will learn:

  • What’s happening with identity in advertising
  • Why identity-based solutions are only one part of the post-cookie puzzle
  • How publishers and advertisers can collaborate on data privacy
  • What advertisers and publishers can do now to thrive in a new advertising ecosystem

Watch the event here ↓

Speakers include:

Tina Moffet

Tina Moffett

Senior Analyst, B2C Marketing

Mike Nuzzo

Mike Nuzzo

VP, Head of Data and Audience Intelligence


Trace Rutland

Trace Rutland

Digital Hub Director

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